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 Permanent makeup is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the upper dermal layer of skin creating natural smudge-proof eyebrows. Achieve soft natural hair strokes with Microblading, a powdery makeup appearance with Ombre' brows or a defined filled-in  eyebrow with a Combination method.



Suitable for 1-2 year touch-ups, available to clients who have had previous PMU by Blade and Brow. Clients with any previous PMU will be seen as a new client only.


*Please note that this is a two part process with first-time appointments 4-8 weeks apart. Call for your complimentary consultation! 
All PMU is non refundable. A deposit is due at time of booking.

I am in love with these newly Microblade
Puuurdy brows!! #browsonfleek #pmuartist
website pmu draw.JPG
No more drawing in brows for this busy m
website pmu .JPG
website pmu tools.JPG
Microblading & Tattoo Removal: Welcome


Ideal for smaller tattoos and permanent makeup such as tattooed brows, LI-FT by Li Pigments is a safe, high-content salt & fruit seed extract solution that deems extremely effective in pigment lightening and removal without the pain and expense of lasers. Please call the studio for consultation and pricing information.

Microblading & Tattoo Removal: Text
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